Wrigley Field at work

scoreboard painting 032309.JPG

In addition to the field replacement, Wrigley Field has been bustling with crews repainting nearly the entirety of the ballpark. Cubs photographer Steve Green sent the photo above of the manual scoreboard laid bare to get a fresh coat of forest green paint. In fact, if you click on the photo for the full-resolution image, you can see the split in the middle showing the difference between the new (left) and faded (right) paint.

1000 WORDS LOGO.jpgWalking the concourse the other day was an exercise in slalom; painters were placed zigzag to add another layer of paint atop beams, rails and walls.

It’s the sights, sounds and smells indicating Opening Day is near.

— Sean Ahmed and Steve Green

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Thanks for using the picture of Big Z and Mike Fonteno for ‘1000 Words’! It’s such a cool picture, and I have it on my door now.
I also really liked the “10th Inning” section that you added. It was cool to read an article written from the viewpoint of a fan.

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