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I already did!!! Cant wait to get the new issue with Barney!!!

Let’s start a Barney fan club!!!!! I too can hardly wait for the issue with Barney. He is a fine young man and a great Cub.

I agree!!! Please don’t trade Marmol…JUST GIVE HIM AWAY!!!

hey guys….am I supposed to get a renewal notice? Think my subscription is about up…

I think we’ll keep Theo.

Come on Cubs…Been a fan since 1944..Give me a break…A mascot…Get some players and get rid of the the new GM and company with their $1000.00 suits.. Just get some ball players….Stocking “potenial players” will never make it happen…A world series chance…Before I die.. and many other True Cub fans…

Ive been a Cub fan since the 50s, would like them getting another starting pitcher in like Jimenez, Maholm etc.

Would someone please tell the Cubs that their web site still lists Dale Svuem as manager!

I went to the new Cubs park today and watch some spring training practice. I was severely disappointed as only one field was accessible to watch the players, no bathroom and no place to get coffee, water or etc. It sure was disappointing and will not visit this park again in the future. I miss the old Fitch Park. It is not fan friendly like all the other spring training fields in Arizona.

Hey Ron, you were probably over by Field 1, which fans have access to. On the far west side of the facility by the 101, there are four other practice fields, similar to the set-up at Fitch Park. Fans can enter over there and get a close view of all four fields. There are also bathrooms and (I think) snacks. The new facility should actually offer fans more access; not less. Hope to see you at Cubs Park again.

Getting very tired about reading “How great the farm system is progressing”…Too many stories about tomorrow….They need help today…A Cub fan since 1946 and I will certainly never see a World Series in my life time the way the team is rebuilding for FAR FUTURE.

Totally agree. Picket the Ricketts!
New battle cry

Did anyone else hear the brief comment by John Kruk during the Espn broadcast? Paraphrasing”maybe the Ricketts should have read the small print before buying the Cubs”
Hmmm, meaning?
My thought, I’m not the only one seeing the Ricketts disaster.60 year fan here losing interest. Empty stands. TV ratings way down. Money, not baseball, their only motivation,stadium, advertising. Etc. SO DAMN SAD

CUBS hot with 4 in a row. So what happens? They GIVE away 2 pitchers and put in Rusin and Vallenueva to start a losing streak. Get rid of them both. They never were any good.

Im a fan since 1946 and I am sick and tired of “let’s try these pitchers. Maybe a miracle will happen.”C’mon. Where is the baseball savy??????????????

These Cubs are the strikeout kings of the major leagues. Who is the hitting instructor? 13 Ks on Saturday?? You can”t score runs if 1/2 your ABs are walking back to the bench!!

When r the Cubs going to stop jacking szczur around. He is a winner who is not being treated fairly

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