Vine Line Poll: What were your favorite moments from the 2014 Cubs season?

The 2014 season will likely be remembered as a turning point for the franchise. While the record wasn’t what most fans were hoping for, make no mistake, the team played an entertaining brand of baseball, especially as the season progressed. Exciting prospects made their debuts, young veterans became cornerstone players and a new coaching staff made a strong impression.

As you’ll see below, there were many memorable moments from the 2014 season. For the December issue of Vine Line, we’re asking you, the fans, to pick the best moments of the 2014 campaign. We’ve compiled a list of 25 Cubs-related events that occurred during the past year and are asking you to select your five favorites. The top vote-getting moments will be highlighted in the December issue.

Simply check five selections from the list below and hit the Vote button.

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It is ludicrous to suggest that any event from this season was worth remembering. Unless it was the incredible performance of Jorge Soler during his first few games. There is the real hope that the corner may at last have been turned.

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