Now Playing: A memorable Opening Night at Wrigley Field

There’s nothing like Opening Day (or Night) to get you excited for the season. The North Siders are coming off a huge offseason, and this was many fans’ first opportunity to see new manager Joe Maddon, prized free-agent lefty Jon Lester, leadoff hitter Dexter Fowler and the rest of the team in person. Plus, the Cubs were the nationally televised, ESPN2 Opening Night affair—the only game on the major league slate—and debuted the new 3,990-square-foot video board in left field. To make things even better, the Cardinals were in town, and it was Lester toeing the slab versus St. Louis ace Adam Wainwright. The house was packed, and it felt like a playoff atmosphere. If you couldn’t be at Wrigley Field Sunday night, Vine Line was there to give you a look at all the Opening Night festivities.


Hopefully, we won’t ever embarrass ourselves like that again soon. The team was disgraceful. LeStella is about the only Cub who distinguished himse. lf Maddon thinks this is a playoff team, he should be drug tested. After all the hype and expectations, I feel like an idiot. They weren’t just inept. They seemed disinterested. Maybe they’ll look at the tape, and take stock, and look more like they give a crap next week.

Despite the loss any true blue blood Cub fan was glad to see the positive side of the game. No the stadium was not ready. Post that to lead but union workers. The cups truly runnith over because bathrooms were not done. But there was some great defensive play on the field. Though Lester wasn’t ready, the rookie pitchers showed some true potential. Cubs Fans are patient-

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